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Some Aspects Financial institution Managers Think about Before Approving Financings

As part of your erase debt program you have been paying off debt and building up your emergency fund. But where is the best place to keep that money - in the bank or under the mattress?Because of lousy interest rates there are those who feel that they might as well keep their cash in their house. And while "under the mattress" is an old cliche, some are actually keeping it in their homes in safes, in bedroom night-stands, in the sugar jar, or in the kitchen drawer. But is that the best way to manage your emergency funds?Keeping your money in your house does give you easy access in case of emergency. And granted, with interest rates on savings accounts at extreme lows there i s really no financial benefit to keeping your money in the bank.But there are reasons that keeping the money in your house may not be the best idea. 1. A Lot of Cash. Your goal is to save up 6 months or more of money to cover expenses. That will probably be many thousands of dollars in your house. Which probably is not such a smart idea especially if someone discovers you have all that money there, you could be the target of a robbery. Or water or fire damage could literally destroy the money. It is probably a good idea to keep some money, maybe a couple of hundred dollars, in your house for easy access. But not your entire emergency fund.2. Leaving Some Interest On the Table. Despite low interest rates, you are leaving some money on the table by keeping it in your house. Even with low interest rates, you could make a little bit of money on your funds.3. FDIC Protection. If you have thousands of dollars in your emergency fund, then the best place for it, at minimum, is in the bank. The FDIC insures your accounts for up to $250,000 in case a bank goes under. As pointed out in item #1 above, a fire in your home or other forms of natural disaster or robbery will not have the protection of the FDIC.So if you have more than $500 dollars in your emergency fund, then do not keep it in your house. Then where should you keep it?1. Savings Account or Checking Account. Despite low interest rates, it is still the best place to keep your rainy day fund. It's easily liquidated if needed. No penalties for withdrawing the money. And you can even write a check if you need to.2. Money Market Account (MMA). Next best place is in a Money Market Account. An MMA earns a little better interest than a savings account. Many allow you to write a check. 3. Ladder Certificates of Deposit. Place your money in CD's that come due at different times. First CD comes due at month 3, next one at month 6, and so on. Not as liquid as the above choices but you can earn a little more interest if that is your desire. Keep in mind if you have to dip into it for an emergency, you will pay an early withdrawal penalty.But remember, the purpose of your emergency fund is not to earn money. But to be readily available in case you need it. And you want it safe so that it will be there for a rainy day. It is not as safe in your house and under your mattress. So build your emergency fund at a bank, erase debt, and create some wealth.

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Are you dissatisfied with your present financial situation? Are you worried that you can't pay for your regular monthly living expenses? Are you afraid that you won't be able to find money to cover an emergency? Do you make spending or investing choices that you regret? When you think about money, do you feel overwhelmed, scared or depressed?If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then chances are you're financially distressed.Financial distress occurs when you have negative feelings and reactions to your financial situation. These emotions are usually the result of unhealthy money practices that can have a damaging impact on your financial well-being or wellness.There are four components of financial wellness:1. Your financial state of affairs - how much money do you have?2. Your financial behaviours and practices - what do you do with money?3. Your knowledge and attitudes about personal finance - what do you know about money?4. Your level of satisfaction with your financial situation - how do you feel about money?All of these components work together to create your level of financial well-being; so if you're feeling distressed, you have to examine each area to determine the source of your problems. How much money do you have?One of the major contributors to financial distress for many people is that while they know that they don't have enough money to make ends meet, they are really not sure how bad their situation is. Being clueless about the extent of your money problems can actually make you feel worse than the underlying issues.The solution to this concern is to be honest with yourself and determine the true state of your affairs. The first step is to assess your spending habits to find out if your expenses are being met by your available income. Go to financiallysmartonline.com to download a personal budget, and record everything you spend money on throughout the year.Most persons will find that they spend more money than they earn; and this basic imbalance is the root cause of most money distress. When you see the figures on paper it can help you to face reality - to be in balance you either have to cut back on spending or find ways to earn more money.What do you do with money?An examination of your budget will usually point to clues about what you're doing with your money. Are you saving money for emergency needs? How much money is spent on non-essential items? How much money is going towards consumer loan and credit card payments? Are you investing for long-term goals?The level of your distress will directly increase with the poor spending decisions that you make. While you might receive instant gratification and pleasure from buying things that you know you can't afford, focusing on saving and planning for the future will bring long-term satisfaction and financial well-being.Making plans to protect and maintain your money can also help you to be free of financial distress. Taking out insurance on your health and life can give you peace of mind. Thinking carefully before you invest your money into risky schemes will help you to rest well at night. Knowing that you have made adequate preparations for your retirement and your eventual passing is mentally liberating.What do you know about money?Becoming financially smart is perhaps the best thing you can do to combat financial distress. Many years ago when I first became uncomfortable with my financial situation, I resolved to learn all I could about money. As I studied and applied the principles of financial success, my confidence and comfort level about my money position increased exponentially.In past columns we have covered various ways to learn about money. Reading books and magazines, listening to CDs and radio programmes, watching television shows, attending workshops, surfing the Internet, playing money games, sharing with friends in money groups - all of these should be components of your financial education plan. How do you feel about money?What's your relationship with money? Do you love it and put it on a pedestal, or do you dislike it and wish that you could live without it? It's not only the size of your bank account or your financial smarts that determine your money happiness - your attitudes towards money can have a big impact on your financial well-being.Why is it that some people can live contentedly with average means, while others are dissatisfied, always wanting more money, despite having much wealth?The answer lies in level of your 'money intelligence'. Being intelligent about money means that you appreciate that there is more to life than the acquisition of riches; you put people first before money; you will never lose sight of your values and principles in order to get money; and you are committed to using your money to benefit others and not just yourself.Copyright © 2009 Cherryl Hanson Simpson.

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There are several facets which could influence the approving of finances by most of Financial organization Managers in addition to a range of them are defined below;

1. The kind of Account The Consumer runs: Although non-account proprietors get financings, financial resources are generally offered to existing account owners a lot more as compared to those that run cost savings accounts.2.

The Quantity Included: If it is a big quantity of moneying, the Financial institution Manager will certainly take into consideration whether if such an amount is removed, it will absolutely not effect the financial standing of the banks.3.

The Past Financial Dealings of the Consumer with the Financial institution: one with sound previous monetary arrangements with a financial establishment has a greater possibility of obtaining a financing as well as additionally vice versa.4.

The Function for which the money will certainly be made use of: monetarily yielding works are considered a lot more buy financial institution supervisors in order to ensure that the financing will be utilized for jobs that will absolutely pay to earn sure that it will definitely make it possible for the borrower to pay back the financing.5.

The Collateral Safety and security Offered: These security securities which are dealt with buildings must be the vital things the bank can market easily and above the worth of the car loan offered.6.

The Period of Negotiation: The period of re-payment of such providing is extremely important due to the fact that, the Banks would certainly not wish its lending to be controlled for a truly long time in spite of that it modifies interest rate on the vehicle loan.7.

The Clients Umpire: The umpire needs to be one that is popular to the bank as well as that will certainly ensure that in instance the debtor defaults or winds up being insolvent, that he will definitely repay the moneying.8.

The Earning Power of The Customer: The individual's earnings vis-a-vis the quantity to be offered as finance are a few of the identifying elements in providing and launching fundings.9.

The Resources of Re-payment: The Banks Managers will also such as to understand the possible sources the customer planning to obtain loans has for settling the auto loan.10.

The Present Federal government Strategy on Financial establishment Lending: A Consumer may meet all the" Conditions" yet if federal government policy on providing is credit history capture, the Financial organization will certainly not grant the Financing and the various other way around.

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